What's a Musette?

What is it?

A musette is a small lightweight cotton shoulder bag, containing food and drinks given to riders in a feed zone during a cycle race. The bag is designed so that it can easily be grabbed by a moving rider. The shoulder strap is placed over the head and one shoulder, the contents are then removed and placed into jersey pockets or bottles (bidons) are placed into bottle cages. The bag is then discarded.

Why this name?

We wanted a name that contained all characteristics of our trips:

  • It supplies you with all you need on the moment you need it the most.
  • It brings you in one bag everything you need when you need it
  • It's a perfect fit for every rider
  • It's a cool thing to have and keep that's why we supply our riders with a Musette at the beginning of their trip. Filled with everything you will need during that trip.

Our team of cycling enthusiasts


I, Ben, was born in a family of cyclists and cycling enthusiasts. My father used to race as a young guy, my grandfather from one side even won the Tour of Holland. But I thank my love for cycling to my other grandfather, Etienne. He learned me all about cycling: the races, the atmosphere and the Belgian culture around it. For foreigners, it's sometimes hard to understand why we're so crazy about cycling, but just compare it with rugby in Australia, football in the USA or soccer in the UK.

From the age of 12 I started cycling along with my father Eddy regularly. At the age of 15 I experienced my first real "col", Alpe d'Huez. This was a first good taste of what cycling is all about and it got me eager to ride a year later from Ghent all the way to Rome trough the Alps! I never stopped riding ever since and last year, on my cycling trip to Mallorca, I believed it was time to let other people experience the beauty of cycling in Flanders!

My kit:

Mason Resolution (steel frame, small brand located south of London)


I, Simon, was born in Ghent, the heart of cycling country, and grew up in Nazareth, a small town at the foot of the Flemish Ardennes. When I grew up, cycling was never far away. I remember my grandfather spending Sunday afternoons watching the Flemish classics on television, and hundreds of cyclist passing by on sunny weekends.

I’ve always had a passion for foreign cultures and traveling. I’ve spent recent years putting that passion into action. I’ve had the privilege to meet fellow travelers in the sandy dessert of Nevada, US, on the sun spoiled beaches of Palawan, the Philippines, and on the bustling night markets in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
I wanted to find a way to combine my Flemish heritage and my love of traveling. The perfect outlet for this is Musette.

My kit:

Canyon Endurance